Cognition and Perception

  • Memory skills
  • Puzzle skills
  • Attentional skills
  • Visual processing skills

Areas we treat:

  • Visual discrimination – finding the similarities and differences between things
  • Visual spatial relationships – recognition of a picture
  • Visual sequential memory – being able to recall a sequence of pictures/symbols/letters/numbers after a brief period of time
  • Visual memory – recognition of a picture/shape/symbol that has previously been memorized
  • Visual form constancy – being able to identify a shape when it is resized or rotated
  • Visual figure ground – finding an object within a busy background

What to look out for in your child:

  • Inattention and distractibility to written and or reading tasks
  • Difficulty in letter recognition and letter reproduction
  • Reversal of letters, e.g. b for d, p for q
  • Difficulty copying from a blackboard or a whiteboard
  • Poor orientation of puzzle pieces – “gives up”
  • Poor at following instructions