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The resource centre at Autism SA has great reading lists and books, resources, videos DVDs etc available—contact the Autism SA Info Line: 1300 288 476.  Parents and teachers are able to    borrow books, toys and a variety of resources from their resources centre. See “An  introduction to autism spectrum disorder” booklet 2006 (a useful overall guide).
Their resource catalogue is available attached or online via their website



There is a huge range of information, resources, books articles, and websites available. The following are recommended as useful starting points only and by no means the only ones! (Complete list available from Autism SA resource centre)Books

  • Autism: The Facts (The Facts Series,1993) by Simon Baron-Cohen / Patrick Bolton, Oxford University Press – a complete guide to autism for parents and general public
  • The Autism Spectrum—A Guide for Parents and Professionals (1996) by Lorna Wing (also 2001)
  • Understanding and Teaching Children with Autism (1995) by Rita Jordon & Stuart Powell. Rita Jordan presented at a 2 day seminar in Adelaide in 2005
  • National Research Council (2001) Educating Children with Autism. Committee on Educational Intervention for Children with Autism. Catherine Lord and James P McGee, eds. Division of Behavioural & Social Sciences & Education. Washington, DC

Personal accounts by people with autism/Asperger syndrome:

  • Emergence: Labelled Autistic  (1986) by Temple Grandin and Margaret M Scariano
  • Finding a different kind of normal: misadventures with Asperger Syndrome (2006) by J Purkis
  • ‘Nobody nowhere’  (1992) and ‘Somebody somewhere’ by Donna Williams
  • ‘Freaks, geeks & Asperger syndrome: a user guide to adolescence’ L Jackson (London Jessica Kingsley)
  • ‘Lucy’s story: autism and other adventures’  Brisbane, book in hand
  • ‘Congratulations! It’s Asperger syndrome’ by J Birch 2003 (London Jessica Kingsley)



  • Asperger syndrome—A practical guide for parents & professionals 1998 (Cumine, Leach-Stevenson)
  • Asperger syndrome—What teachers need to know ( 2003 M Winter) London Jessica Kingsley
  • Asperger syndrome: A guide for parents and professionals. (Tony Attwood 1998)
  • A curious incident of the dog in the  night-time by Mark Haddon is an easy to read book that is an essential read for all ages to gain insight into a person with Asperger syndrome


  • Quality Educational Practices for Students with Asperger Syndrome (2006) (Ministerial  Advisory Committee; Students with Disabilities at – A comprehensive practical resource for all educators, including school case studies
  • Essential Components of Educational Programming for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (2006 Ministerial Advisory Committee; Students with Disabilities)
  • Secondary Schooling for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (2000 Ministerial Advisory Committee; Students with Disabilities)
  • Early Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guidelines for Best Practice. Margot Prior & Jacqueline Roberts. See Australian Govt Department of health and Ageing at

Social stories
The Communication and Language Disorder Service at SERU have training about using visuals for social stories. Autism SA and many speech pathologists also provide information about using social stories.

  • The Original Social Story Book and  My social stories book  (2002) by Carol Gray also The new social story book illustrated edition (2000)
  • Revealing the hidden social code: Social Stories for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Howley M & Arnold E (2005) , London, Jessica Kingsley


Autism SA:
Information about Autism Spectrum Disorders, frequently asked questions, Autism SA services, the resource centre, training and development and publications.  Also has a series of 20 very useful information/ fact sheets. Links to Autism SA brochures
Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
Autism Society of America
Autism Education Network
Alberta Learning and Teaching Resources Branch
Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders—Programming for students with special needs series
Tony Attwood’s site (Asperger syndrome) at
Asperger Syndrome Australian Information Centre—schools package
10 things you need to do after diagnosis of Asperger syndrome:
Online Asperger syndrome and support:

Personal accounts:
Home page of Isabella at
Home page of Donna Williams at
Home page of Temple Grandin at

Other useful general websites for practical classroom resources  – Sue Larkey is well known presenter from NSW in professional development about autism, her website is full of practical ideas  – Activity page booklets — good for making schedules  – a variety of special education resources for teachers  – preschool activities – primary age games and activities  – great visual        examples of curriculum modifications for students with autism spectrum disorder  – A good website for teaching students with autism


  • Understanding Asperger Syndrome  Professor  Margot Prior
  • Autism SA information video
  • ‘Charlie’ — Catholic Education
  • SBS video from August 2006
  • Autism the teen years
  • Tony Attwood’s September 2006 Adelaide presentation  (4 DVDs) “Asperger syndrome”
  • “The Asperger point of view”  DVD, Adelaide, Autism SA


Overview of Autism  by Stephen Edelson PhD (Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon) at

Teaching Students with Autism  British Columbia, Ministry of Education, Alberta Canada
This resource is available on SVPST website or at

Information from the NEP or support plan can be used as motivation for the student to complete non-preferred work tasks first, to shape behaviour and negotiate compliance with work tasks and activities. See